4 Key Things Needed in a Website to Attract the Right Customers

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1. Call to action (CTA) Buttons: A call to action is an element on a web page that is meant to encourage the visitor to perform an action. The CTA button is probably the first thing you notice on a web page because of its relative size to other elements on the page. A great CTA button can direct users, get them to take a desired action, improve conversion rates, and ultimately help your website achieve its defined objectives. Poorly placed, and boring CTA buttons will do very little to get your users’ attention or get them to click.  The most common type of call to action element is a clickable button that contains phrases like Download Now’ or ‘Sign up’ or ‘Create your account’ or ‘Click to begin’ or ‘Meet the Team’, etc.
Designing a proper CTA button requires careful planning, understanding of your users as well as using the right colours, proper positioning, the size of the button to be placed and testing the button after creation. Start by deciding on the importance of your call to action button and create its size accordingly. You may notice on some landing pages that the size of the CTA button is noticeably larger.

2. Unique Selling Point (USP): When we start working for a new client one of the first things we do is decide on their USP’s (Unique Selling Points) or Points of Difference. Every company or product needs a set of USP’s. It’s these that help us choose to buy that particular product or service. A unique selling point is the differentiating benefit that your business has over your competition. It’s the message aiming to cut through the clutter which drives customers to your small business. Your unique selling point needs to be different, relevant and valued by your target customers so they choose your business to the exclusion of all others.
Your unique selling point must be simple to express and easy to understand. It must also be threaded through your entire business; from your business cards and catalogues, to your business name, to your invoices, to your adverts, receipts, email signatures and on everything that concerns your business. You can never over communicate your point of difference.
You should also only focus on one unique selling point. This is easier for customers to identify with and remember. It also strengthens your focus and protects it from the competition.

3. Services you render: This simply means what you are offering to customers or clients.

4. Have a blog: A blog is a discussion or informational website used to engage readers, clients or customers on different topics inform of posts and  published on the web. Posts are typically displayed in reverse chronological order, so that the most recent post appears first, at the top of the web page. A blog can do wonders for your business. It also makes it easy for search engines to easily index your website and can help you connect with millions of people.

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