Learn How to Code In 15 Minutes A Day

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Today, I’m going to show you ingenious ways to learn programming in 15 minutes or less per day: with coding games and apps.

Gamification makes learning fun, regardless of your age, and you can use apps on the go whenever you have time, from your mobile device.


1. Udacity

Videos, quizzes, and expert instruction by programmers from Google, Facebook, and other major companies make this a valuable app. Download it free for Android from Google Play.

2. Lrn

Lrn is a powerful app that teaches users to read, write, and speak the languages of HTML, CSS, Python, Ruby, and Javascript on either Android or iOS.

3. Tynker

Designed with graphics for kids but great for people of all ages, Tynker uses puzzles to teach coding basics, then lets users build their own games. Get the app from iTunes.

4. Lynda Apps

A $25 subscription gets you access to as many Lynda.com courses as you can handle, and they have apps for all kinds of devices. These courses are great for time-pressed people, as you can do what you can when you can, and pick up later where you left off.

5. Swifty

Swifty for iPhone offers over 200 bite-sized tutorials across 14 chapters on learning Swift.

6. Javvy

Javvy is another resource designed specifically with the time-crunched, mobile learner in mind. It’s available for both Android and iOS and includes over 150 short and sweet Java tutorials you can do on the subway or at coffee break.

7. Codecademy Hour of Code

I like this app for its split-screen setup, which shows you what it is you’re trying to do in one section and the code required to make it happen in the other.

8. CodeCombat

One of the more popular coding games out there, Code Combat is designed for groups of learners. Useful in the classroom or the workplace, it has courses for all ages on specific languages as well as computer sciences as a whole.

9. CodeWars

Once you’re getting comfortable with the basics, challenge yourself to achieve coding mastery with real-life challenges against other programmers!

Coding games and programming apps make it simple and even fun to learn how to code, regardless of your age, time constraints, or location.

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